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07 July 2007 @ 12:35 pm
Joy Words  

La Conversation

November 2000

Check you out in your BMW driving down Doheny
I'll bet you think you look pretty good, don't you?
... but he's got a Lamborghini!

What are you gonna do now?
His stereo is louder than yours
His jet blue looks so much slicker than yours
... ever could be

I'll bet he makes more money than you
He must be in the movies too
Just like everybody else in this God-forsaken town

That's exactly what it is, you know
He's been trying to break through for ages!

But why should He compete with
Self-indulgence, self-importance
with the latest religious fads and crazes?

He won't. He doesn't. Because religion isn't a competitive sport.

Good luck finding God in religion
It's searching for water in a desert

So here we are, living water flowing more abundant
Than the air we breathe
And we grasp desperately for the poisonous fish, there,
On which to feed

It's so sad to watch you flail around
The shallow end
When all you have to do is stand up and believe

I am a mermaid
I breathe in living water
I am a siren
I sing in living water

I can never go back to walking around
I'd die from trying to stand
No, I'd rather be carried above solid ground
Than drown in the oxygen of sand

Lattes With Oscar Wilde

July 26, 2001

What is it that is so comforting about a latte on a rainy day? Something so
perfect about sitting in a cafe talking to the Lord about this and that, and
sipping through a blanket of steamed milk to the perfectly warmed, vanilla

And there's nowhere else I?d rather be. Here with my Bible and my 1911
edition of "Oscar Wilde; Selected Poems", looking out at the threatening sky
and all the other people with someplace to go, someplace to be. A job to
keep, a child to gather, a lover to please?

There's a window on the top floor of Carnegie Hall that is open. It's
twisted just open enough to see the descending staircase backstage. Carnegie
Hall. God! I'd love to run those wings!

The tables surrounding me have filled gradually. I'm now encompassed by
noise, but all I can really hear is the poetry in my brain. I must be
insane. Ha! One can only hope?